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Vision with Values

Vanguard Safety is a privately-owned, high-quality PPE manufacturer. We are dedicated to providing customers with unmatched service, immediate response times and best in market fill rates. Quality is paramount. Our products are consistently and diligently monitored throughout the manufacturing process to ensure we meet your exacting standards. You need a product and supplier you can trust. We’re here to create not only products, but relationships that last.

Home to the world-class VGuard brand, we’re proud of our distribution partnerships which allow us to offer dependable PPE to Medical, Janitorial, Food Service, Industrial and First Responder wearers.

Because of our strong relationships with suppliers and other external partners, we’re able to provide custom solutions which enable our clients to substantially lower their supply chain costs, improve product flow, attain better overall pricing and ensure consistent quality.

Vanguard works as an extension of your business, rethinking each step for a better business outcome. We’re proud to say, “We make better business happen!”

Products You Can Depend On

VGuard Stands for Protection

Having a reliable glove partner is critical in today’s world. You need to know you matter; you need to know you’re protected. With VGuard Disposable Gloves, your business is highly valued, and your protection is always guaranteed.

VGuard is quickly becoming the most trusted hand protection brand, not only in the medical segment but also the Jan-San, Food Service, and Industrial markets. We realize a glove isn’t just a glove. It is valuable tool in the fight against illness, bacteria, infection, and grime. You deserve a company and a brand that understands how critical a stable glove supply can be. One that stands for value and integrity. You have that with us.

Relationship Management

Creating Mutually Beneficial Relationships

We believe that business is not just about closing a sale. It’s about building and maintaining long-term, successful partnerships. Whether we’re providing product visibility, creating quick and competitive quotes, or furnishing reliable product information, we’re constantly communicating and sharing throughout the process. Our level of involvement is totally up to you. We can take the reins completely or walk beside you to reach a common goal.

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